Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Google, pay-cuts and "Official address of employment"

Rumors abound that Google is going to give the paychecks of workers who choose to continue to work from home a 25% haircut.

It is their business and they can do what they want.

However, it would be sporting of them to move the servers to Nevada or Washington (both states with zero percent income tax) and change the stay-at-homes' official address of employment to the same.

That would offset 9.3% of the 25% for most of the workers at zero cost to Alphabet (Google's parent company) or loss of profit to Alphabet shareholders.

I have been living in Eaton Rapids Township for the last 30 years and for twenty of those years I paid income tax to the cities of Lansing, Pontiac and Flint...and I did not even drive on their roads except for the last 400 yards of my commute.


  1. That sucks... Glad I live in Texas.

  2. Their servers are already there. Las Vegas hosts a major network nexus and Washington has cheap hydroelectric power. The issue is moving corporate HQ out of Silly-con valley to someplace with lower taxes. HP Enterprise is moving back to Houston (the original home of Compaq) soon for a lot of reasons, not just because server engineering is still there.


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