Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cultural differences


My oldest daughter lives in South Miami and she informed me that it is almost impossible to find Hunt's Manwich sauce in the area. She suggested that there MUST be a reason and asked if I could investigate.

I called the Hunt's Corporation and actually got a human.

I was informed that sales were so low in south Florida that stores no longer stocked it.

Confused, I asked if they had any idea why it was such a slow seller in south Florida.

The nice lady on the other end of the phone informed me that it was because most of the people in Miami/Dade spoke Spanish as their first language.

I asked "What does that have to do with not buying Manwich Sauce?"

She responded " 'J' is pronounced like 'H' in Spanish. Nobody wants to be seen with cans that tell the neighbors that they eat 'SLOPPY HOES' "


  1. Nothing to do with cannibalism then?

  2. Actually, the sandwich was invented at a Havana, Cuba bar named "Sloppy Joe's".

  3. And I was going to volunteer to drop a case off when I go to florida this winter.......

  4. Should re-label "Sloppy Jose's"


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