Sunday, August 1, 2021

Last minute repairs on the truck

ETA for our departure is 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.

I had the truck at the mechanic's today. The shift-interlock solenoid intermittently does not disengage.

The mechanic installed the new part and it exhibited the same issues so it is probably a harness issue, either a wire that is broken or a splice that is touch-and-go.

I made the executive decision to leave the interlock plugged in but mechanically disengaged. There is enough room in the steering column to disengage the popsicle stick from the shifter mechanism and chicken band it out of the way. The computer thinks it is still there but the mechanical linkage doesn't know it is there.

Fortunately for me, Mr Shadetree was willing to do that.

There is some last minute running around to do, including calling Ducky to see if it still a GO from their end.


  1. Bon voyage and good luck for your trip.

  2. Good luck on your trip.

    I had that on my Dodge, superglued it into the disengaged position and it lasted for about 10 years. You just gotta be smart enough not to take it out of Park until you are ready to move. Pretty sure you can handle that.

    1. And that's how it was when I learned to drive an automatic.
      After learning a stick and clutch.

  3. Enjoy the trip! And concur with the others.

  4. Safe journeys to you and the Missus, Joe.


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