Saturday, August 28, 2021

Lunch with my niece

Yesterday was a change of pace.

I had to be in Lansing yesterday. For those who don't have a picture in your head, Lansing metro region is about 300k people. There is an uber-liberal enclave on the east end (a University). The city's population for the last four decades and the population flat-lined since 1980 and remains at 120k. The roads are beat up. The population is tipping toward "diversity".

I had lunch with my 26 year-old niece who lives in Lansing and I had a very pleasant time.

It had been an exciting week in Lansing.

There had been a traffic accident in front of the building where her mom works on Thursday. Not only was it where she worked, it was during normal working hours.

The driver responsible for the accident lost his self control when the cops showed up. He had a firearm and started shooting at cops. Then the shooter fled into the parking lot of the aforementioned building.

He surrendered after (quickly) running out of ammo. It wasn't much of a fire-fight. Reading between the lines, he emptied his magazine and continued to point his weapon at the cops. In short order, the suspect collected a gunshot wound and decided to surrender.

The cops fired one shot and the suspect is listed as being in critical condition at the local hospital. I commend the police on their trigger discipline and marksmanship.

Then, my niece shared that she had just received a text that a human body had been discovered beside the trash-dumpster behind her place of business. She assured me that she had nothing to do with the event.

That is one good thing about the city. They might be thieving and murdering, but they don't litter.

My niece assumed it was a drug O.D. or a suicide. Covid has been tough on folks.

I asked her if she had a plan if things got "spicy" in Lansing.

She does. She would abandon her house and move in with her youngest brother's family. "Hell yes they would take me. Free baby-sitting!"

She also has mentally drawn out routes in her head that avoid the likely hot-spots should a Get-out-of-Kabul timeframe come to Lansing.

She has one thing on her bucket list. She wants to go to Florida and see a manatee in-the-wild. She doesn't think that is going to happen this year.

On a different topic

I asked her if she wanted to go deer hunting this year.

I am ashamed to admit that I had never invited her.

She leapt at the invitation.


  1. Your niece is a good kid, she has plans.

  2. Would love to visit Elderly Instruments but I need a Go Fund Me page 1st.

    1. Elderly Instruments sounds like Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse WI. Dave has a private museum on the second floor. Story is some guy named Bruce Springsteen offered Dave a blank check for one of his private guitars. Dave turned him down.

  3. Sounds like you hit the jackpot in the niece department.
    She needs to be in South Texas. She would fit right in and, nothing personal, it's a definite upgrade from Lansing.
    We've got a college (conservative. No mandates) with its own beach (and volleyball team), big game fishing (and hunting) and NO SNOW. What's not to like? ('cept the occasional hurricane - just an excuse for a party!)

  4. Your niece can easily check off her bucket list at the manatee viewing center at the Tampa Electric Big Bend power station near Tampa FL. Scores of them just floating about during the winter, soaking up warm station discharge water…

  5. Uncles have a powerful position with regard to influencing the development of young people.

  6. "That is one good thing about the city. They might be thieving and murdering, but they don't litter." LOL !

  7. Good on ya Joe, taking an interest in the extended family and cultivating it. Two networks were expanded with your lunch.

  8. Meat on the table! Always good, and time to sit and talk is good too!


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