Sunday, August 15, 2021

A few pictures I found interesting (Antifa)


A family on their way to a rally in front of Los Angeles City Hall. They are protesting being denied access to public spaces due to their choice to not get vaccinated. Pretty normal looking family.

An example of a person who attended the protest to disrupt it. Helmet. Tactical gloves. Backpack. Vest. Pockets filled with cargo. All skin covered. Not what you would normally see on a warm day in Southern California.

A different disrupter (in black) attacking protestor from behind. Note the "bullet proof" vest, knee pads and wrapped hands. The disrupter came prepared to rumble.

Another disrupter looking for targets to smack with his skateboard.

Bleeding head-wound consistent with getting smacked in the head with the edge of a skateboard.

Who is the problem here?

The only reason I included this image is because it shows the googles the disrupter (in black with vest) was wearing. The only soft targets left on his body are his quads and calf muscles.

One of the people protesting for choice with regard to the vaccine was stabbed, presumably by a disrupter.

Things are heating up.

If you MUST go where there are crowds, have plans to deal with aggressors wearing helmets and protective gear.

Apropos of nothing at all
GMO3, solid, 72" fiberglass rods between 0.75" dia and 1.0" dia make very durable flag poles.

Do me one favor, remember to keep the hand on the striking side palm-up.


  1. Another great flagpole/sign holder is an axe (or even better, pickaxe) handle...

    "There's nothin' like good piece of hickory".

    1. "Pale Rider", Clint Eastwood.

      I thought the GMO3 would attract less attention but I certainly appreciate your style.

  2. I studied HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) for a hobby, and I never thought learning to fight people in armor would have any practical use...
    The methods recommended by the old masters were binds, breaks, and strikes to points of pain.
    Binds are wrestling joint locks and pins, but since I doubt these guys are going to surrender and be ransomed that's not going to work. I'll leave figuring out how long it will take for the police to take him off your hands as an exercise for the reader.
    Breaks are attacks to hyper extend or dislocated the joints. The gear I've seen does not protect the elbow, knees, shoulders or fingers againts being bent the wrong way. However doing this kind of damage is a major felony almost anywhere..
    That leaves stikes to places that will cause pain. Human anatomy hasn't changed in 500 years. Head, torso, shoulders, the fronts of limbs are easy to armor. Armpits, bellies, groins, joints and fingers are difficult. If they're swinging something at you, aim for the hands, you can stay farther away fingers squish easy. If they get close go for the groin. These work OK with fists, but a flagpole will let you do it from farther away.
    By far the best advice is don't get in the fight to begin with, but if you do, look at his shoes. The guy in the picture has shoes that are made for speed and style, not steel toes. Stomp on his foot and run. When winning a fight means talking to the prosecutor, make his job as hard as possible.

    1. Wrist locks become wrist breaks when add a palm heel strike with your free hand, and knuckle protection is no defense, if you look for Aikido or Daito Ryu videos you can see what it looks like, including elbow breaks as part of the technique.. I like the stomping attack against the instep, since shin guards or any soccer-style protection are against kicks.

  3. If really cornered, use an Awl or Ice Pick. A knife is too obvious and leaves too much blood whereas a good poke will cause very minimal blood and will disable the attacker.

  4. Stay the hell away. If you get caught up in it, either run over them or shoot your way out. Done and done... Judged by 12 or carried by 6, your choice.

  5. I LOVED the fact that they were unmasking them and taking pictures of their faces... And did you notice the Roof Korean there with the good guys? :-)

  6. Yeah, the quarterstaff technique reminds me of the knife wielder facing Indiana Jones.
    They come at me and I'd shoot 'em. A few of them. If I'm gonna do the time, I might as well get my money's worth.

  7. The BEST advice is to stay home. But if you INSIST, skewer them with your ice pick or similar, shoot them in the legs (plural) and do as much damage as possible. Then skedaddle.

  8. At the risk of being sort of gross, the Antifa had another, and very sensitive portion of his anatomy open for attack-his rectum. He takes a really hard poke there and you're going to get his attention.

    I'll leave the method of attack as an exercise for the reader.

    1. Rectum? Hell, it damn near killed him!

      I'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

  9. Most of the offenders I have seen, use sports equipment, helmets ,pads, and paintball rated vests and goggles.
    There was a picture where the cut plastic 55 gallon drums in half lengthwise and painted them black.
    It's mostly theater.

  10. The gentleman in the white shirt appears to be ready to administer some slight social correction to the disruptor who lost his goggles.

    That had to sting.

  11. Why 'protest' ? It's silly, leaves you open for attack and accomplishes nothing. The law is not on your side. Let your enemy come to you at z time and place of your choosing. Blue urban areas are their territory, stay far away.

  12. Last picture. There is a very good target open. His feet. Guy in front has proper boots. As above a stomp on his instep or a side bone called the malleolus bone. A stomp on the side above the ankle down on it will....cause severe pain. The guy behind )black shirt) has the wrong shoes for this activity. Should be hard soled boot. A stomp onto the back of the foot to damage the Achilles tendon. That guy won't walk away without help. Also the pads won't help if you stomp on his knee from the side. Fortunately I live in a place where self defense is strong. If they have any type of weapon, they get the ultimate response.


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