Friday, August 20, 2021

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  1. Laugh as you will but this creature is next in line. Shudder a little as we watch Joe's increasing decline.
    So saying, no surprise to me if *something* happened to her, and very soon. For the dem's wishlist, that something would involve an angry white guy, etc.
    Then they could slot in a more suitable replacement before the tragic end to the biden presidency.

    1. The tactical issue for the Democrats is that if Harris is elevated to the POTUS or has an accident then they no longer have a tie-breaker in the Senate.

      The Repubs cannot be ignored and a very centrist VP who is not in the Senate is in the cards: somebody like Henry Cuellar of Texas or Governors Bullock or Tomblin being strong contenders

  2. Short term, yes, only thing she's good for right now is that vote.
    Budget and (so-called) infrastructure bills up next week, implosion looking likely (prayers up!); if they're out of the way she's not needed for awhile.
    Joe ain't lookin' good, his recent pressers and efforts to keep him out of view are not working.
    So they need to move fast. (this is my conspiracy theory, and I'm enjoying it)

  3. Note to Kamela- Yes, it would be OK to abort your "boss" for the reason that you mentioned. Ut then, WATCH YOUR BACK Nasty Pelosi is back there.

  4. Back when I was doing fecesbook, pictures of that old hag hillary would hasten my negative commentary. I recognized some old demons seeing your post, today. No negative commentary today, just another prayer to lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. Amen.


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