Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Bump. Up-Periscope at Bison Prepper

James Dakin, author of the dormant Bison Prepper posted here https://bisonprepper.blogspot.com/2021/08/august-article-50-prepper.html

"Dormant" isn't quite accurate. He went private but decided to give folks a peek at what they are missing.


I don’t want you to JUST survive on wheat or soy or rice. I want you to have enough to be able to survive on long term, as a base calorie. To get enough calories to have the strength to add other foods to that core. That if you had no other food for stretches of time, to at least survive with no ill effects other than taste fatigue. And believe me, I’ve been there, taste fatigue is NOT what you worry about at the time. It is hunger. The taste fatigue comes AFTER.  Emphasis mine


  1. I subscribed to his CD monthly magazine. Dirt cheap and worth the price.

  2. I'm not too worried about carbs; I'm more worried about protein and nutrients.
    Ricketts, scurvy, etc can be big problems even if you technically have enough calories to eat...

  3. I laughed. His style is funny. He is not wrong. He is not telling you to stop at carbs. He wants you to take care of the base of the food pyramid first and makes the point it is cheap. I am gambling on my garden. 400 jars would be required to get through winter and a garden miscue of one sort or another. Counting on three season gardening around here.


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