Monday, August 16, 2021

The Jokes Write Themselves


The media is already running headlines warning us that increased terrorism (carefully omitting the word "Islamic") is likely to be observed on the Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11.

No mention is made of the bumbling ineptitude of the United States Executive Branch. For those who require a refresher in Civics, the Intelligence branches and  the Military report to the Executive Branch. Such bumbling cannot help but further embolden the terrorists.


  1. I would expect the attacks to start before 9/11. You don't quit when you're on a roll especially when you're opposition has just caught his dick in his fly. But maybe planning a really Big One on 9/11. That will be their version of July 4th. ---ken

  2. Note that the picture you're displaying that the White House released revealed the identities of members of CIA agents/analysts at Doha station and CIA headquarters or wherever.

    Top Men are clearly in charge at the White House these days. Top. Men.

  3. The attacks will be false flags like they always are. Stay away from crowds.

  4. If that conference is on Zoom I expect that the full video was on the servers of the PLA in Beijing in real time.

  5. Now that the big money will dry up in Afghanistan spending, they'll need excuses for ramping up anti-terrorism spending in the old homeland.

    So of course there will be "terrorist" attacks in our near future. Just note that they will be defining who is a "terrorist" and it probably won't be Afghan Taliban.

  6. And it's days like these that I regret our government officials aren't required to commit ritual suicide when they fail. Something the Japanese used to do right.


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