Friday, August 27, 2021

There are times to bend the boundaries of your swim-lane

Reltney McFee who is the head-scribbler at Musings of  Stretcher Ape posted about "Eloise", a coworker who bent the markers on her swim-lane and saved a patient's life.

There was nothing about Eloise that flagged her as a hero. She didn't have dozens of years of specialized schooling. She didn't have years-and-years as a first-responder. She was given a job that was menial...she was the lady who suited up in the moon-suit and in-processed people for a drive-through Covid nose-swab clinic. Bear in mind that she was wearing that moon-suit on days when the heat index was over 100.

What Eloise DID have were her powers-of-observation, a firm grounding in what is "normal", the discernment and trust to know when to break protocol and escalate an issue.

If you have two minutes consider popping over to Reltney's blog and reading his account.

And good on Reltney for supporting the woman's decision to escalate. We get more of what we recognize and celebrate.


  1. We get more of what we recognize and celebrate.

    Money quote, there.

  2. ERJ: point one: thank you for the

    Point two: pretty much, I'm as good as my partners. Eloise exemplified/exemplifies "heads up ball playing", which serves our patients, and buffs my kharma.

    So, hell yeah, I shined a spotlight upon her!

  3. People DO have common sense, and occasionally get to actually use it.


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