Sunday, August 29, 2021

When bureaucrats bend science to be more convenient


After reading all the Sturm und Drang of Australia's response to the Covid virus, I decided to take a closer look.

I stumbled across the video (linked above) showing part of their response; that is, very large concentration camps.

Australia decided that packing huge numbers of people who MIGHT have been exposed to Covid into close proximity is a good idea. That is the biological equivalent of packing all of your U-235 into one, big pile.

Yes, yes, yes...I know it is very convenient for the bureaucrats who want to track and control potential carriers as well as creating a bunch of jobs for minions. But it completely misses the point of fire-walling potential contagion.

Covid (in all of its mutations) is in every large country already, including Australia. Mandatory in-house quarantines are a splendid idea. Fine people if their cell-phone GPS leaves the home but don't incarcerate them behind razor-wire in close association with other travelers.

If you want to employ your mouth-breathers, then hire them to deliver food to the quarantined traveler's doorstep.


  1. Next, ovens, lest the incarcerated get cold?

  2. The Boers thought highly of that sort of policy, eh?

  3. Amazed that the place that started as a penal colony could grow into a beacon of resourcefulness, fierce independence and stalwart resolve as a society and military ally, only to painfully revert to the beaten convict's docility when faced with a pandemic crisis. The transition didn't start with COVID, it started when they agreed to relinquish their guns - we're just seeing the tail end. Absolutely amazed. For the sake of their country, I hope they rediscover their stubborn resolve soon.

  4. I've been through hotel quarantine in Straya twice. This project will still keep people locked in their rooms. Their COVID response has been to quarantine the exposed (proven by contact tracing apps that are mandatory in each state) and contain the sick. Australia as a whole has not been locked down nearly to the extent of the US, where the healthy were forced to stay home. In Oz, only the sick or exposed have been quarantined until recent lockdowns because of the large infection rate. Prior to this, their infection rate was exceptionally low, a dozen per state or so, and a state like Queensland is huge compared to US states.

    Toowoomba is a beautiful location, I'd take that over the two weeks I spent overlooking Hyde Park in Sydney, or the tiny room in Brisbane.

  5. Getting all those covid positive people together in tight quarters is reminiscent of Cuomo's stuffing all those elderly people together in the nursing homes.

  6. The bureaucrats have been ignoring science the whole time, and unfortunately many doctors have gone along.
    I'm curious to hear what other Australian states are like, especially the rural remote ones. I suspect analogies to the US can be drawn.


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