Monday, August 23, 2021

Gratuitous orchard pictures


March 2018 Image from HERE
You can click on the images to embiggen them.

August 2021, approximately the same vantage point.

Swenson Red grapes
As long as I am posting pictures of food
This is a hybrid of a Minnesota riparia (L-50s) and Trebbiano, a white grape grown in Italy. It was made by David Johnson in Milton, Washington. The long, elegant clusters have widely spaced berries which is good for avoiding rot but bad for bird losses.

Shenandoah pears on a branch bending beneath their weight

Liberty apples are coloring up.

Hazelnuts from a seedling hazel bush. This is one of the better yielding seedlings. Some of the nuts are in clusters of 10

A close-up

NY 398 aka "Gene" in upper-left, Jefferson upper-right, seedling lower center.


Canadian Plum, Prunus nigra. Notable for being very cold-hardy and suckering less than American Plum, Prunus americana. These are from a planting where the plums are less astringent than most local selections.

I did not grow the Canadian plums but had permission from a neighbor to harvest them. I am going to age them off the tree to see if the residual astringency diminishes. Then, I will save the seeds for planting.

Prunus nigra range map

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