Sunday, August 8, 2021

Is fetal exposure to testosterone child abuse?

Yesterday I swung through  a local party store to purchase a pint of cheap vodka.

Vodka makes a fine solvent for ivermectin and a "pint" is 375ml which is a convenient size to work with.

The woman who waited on me was clearly in the process of transitioning to a "man". She had a full beard.

The usual process seems to be to start with hormone therapy, which is relatively inexpensive, and then progress to the expensive surgeries where bits are moved around. I presume it is possible for a woman to spend years with one foot on the dock and the other in the canoe as doctors fight with insurance companies attempting to get the cost of the surgeries (or portions there-of) covered.

Depending on how quickly the process moves along, it is entirely possible for a bearded woman to conceive and have a child; even if she identifies as a "man".

Peer reviewed papers

Bonnie Auyeung et al published a paper in the British Journal of Psychology in 2009 where they reported the results of a longitudinal study where they sampled the amniotic fluid and then followed those children to adolescence. They sorted the group by testosterone level into high and low levels.

Let me point out that all of the mothers were both genetically and hormonally "women" and none were carpet-bombed with testosterone via shots or pills.

In this paper, we examine the possibility of a link between autistic traits and fT (fetal Testosterone) levels measured in amniotic fluid during routine amniocentesis. Two instruments measuring number of autistic traits (the Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (CAST) and the Child Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ-Child)) were completed by these women about their children (N=235), ages 6–10 years...fT levels were positively associated with higher scores on the CAST and AQ-Child. This relationship was seen within sex as well as when the sexes were combined, suggesting this is an effect of fT rather than of sex per se.

Auyeung co-authored a follow-up paper in 2012 where brain activity imaging was performed on the children as they were exposed to various stimuli.

Increasing FT predicted enhanced selectivity for positive compared with negatively valenced facial cues in reward-related regions such as caudate, putamen, and nucleus accumbens but not the amygdala.

This work suggests that testosterone in humans acts as a fetal programming mechanism on the reward system and influences behavioral approach tendencies later in life. As a mechanism influencing atypical development, FT might be important across a range of neuropsychiatric conditions that asymmetrically affect the sexes....conduct disorder, psychopathy, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse, depression, bipolar disorder, cluster B personality disorders, intermittent explosive disorder, autism.

Research in rats suggests that doubling the blood testosterone level does not produce a measurable increase in the testosterone in the fetus. That same research also indicates that elevated testosterone in the mother hampers the placenta's ability to deliver amino acids (protein) to the developing fetus. Higher testosterone levels result in premature and low-birth weight newborns.

I wonder if any scientists will have the courage to follow the cognitive/emotional/physical development of the children born to women who are "transitioning". 


  1. can you expand more on "vodka makes a good solvent for ivermectin". Are you dissolving pills? I bought the 1% vet injectable (vet recommended) and calculated the dose for ingestion.

    1. At the risk of being too wordy, the ivermectin dosage for heartworm prevention in dogs is very low compared to what is given to most farm animals.

      1% injectable is 10mg/ml and a 0.06mg dose would be 0.006 ml which is impossible for me to measure with the tools I have.

      One way to gain precision is to make a "stock solution" that is diluted to a level where it is easy to measure with readily available tools.

      I would have preferred the 1% injectable if only because it mixes well but it was $36 for 50ml and I would only need 2. The paste was about $6 a tube.

      Incidentally, if any reader finds a math error, please point it out.

      Incidentally, the material is administered orally, usually in a small bowl of milk.

      As a very peripheral consideration is that some drugs are inactivated by the acid in the stomach, certain kinds of penicillin for instance. The general rule-of-thumb is that it is safest to not use injectables orally and vice versa, although I don't think ivermectin suffers from this issue.

    2. Just as a matter of idle curiosity if one had several large dogs and mixed a batch with the vodka, would the batch last longer mixed with alcohol or would it have a longer shelf life if it were combined closer to date of use. As an aside, when you were talking about worming your dogs I thought ... well poop(and lots of it)which is why in the past worming was a job best left to the vet. Not because of the meds, but because of the clean up on isle number 2.

  2. @sdharms: I believe Joe is using Ivermectin paste. If you have the injectable liquid, dissolving it in a solvent such as 'medicinal' alcohol would not be necessary. If you intend to use it to ward off Covid, you would simply draw out Xmg for every 10 lbs of bodyweight, squirt it into a shot glass with a little water, and drink it.

    I had tried to get a script for HCL from my doctor last year. He flatly refused. Ditto for Ivermectin. Reading between the lines of what he said and how he said it, it is evident to me that medicos have been threatened with loss of license for prescribing either drug. TPTB just do not want we unwashed masses to have access to cheap drugs that would end the pandemic quickly.

    I ended up buying a 50 ml bottle of the injectable Ivermectin at a farm & ranch supply store. It was not cheap, about $62. I had wondered about how one would go about using the paste, as it was a lot cheaper. Now I know. Thanks, ERJ.

    Sorry about going somewhat off-topic.

  3. Tobacco use in pregnant women also raises testosterone in the fetus.

  4. Interesting thought. And I doubt there will be enough 'participants' for that study.

  5. Perhaps.

    But if it becomes "cool" or a way to become famous, hold onto your shorts.


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