Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Quick hotel update

Sawtooth Oak was used extensively in the landscaping. You can see all of the scars from pruning off the limbs. This species would not be my first choice as a landscaping tree.

The tag on the door beneath the In Case of Fire evacuation map informed us that the retail per-night price of our room is 650% of what Mrs ERJ paid.

Fewer than 30% of the rooms are occupied.

The hospitality industry is staggering. It is desperate for customers and cutting costs where it can.

The breakfast that came with the package was very weak coffee, pre-packaged granola bars and pouches of instant oatmeal.

The soap had no fragrance and little suds. I felt like I had been rolled in rosin after the shower.

On the positive side it is close to Ducky, the linens were clean, the bed was comfortable, the water pressure is good and hot-showers still feel fine.

---Added later: I walked around the neighborhood. This is a hotbed of bio-pharma. Many buildings with signs with "...vax..." and "...RNA..." in the names. Several logos with DNA helix woven into the graphics. It is hard for me to see how all of this fixed cost can be supported into pertuity by one-and-done vaccines.---


  1. My plumber says the first thing he does in a motel room is unscrew the shower head and remove the little plastic 'flow-limiter' disc...Voila! Plenty of pressure! Maybe Mr. K had been there ahead of you...

  2. Well, at least the room is clean and nice. That's a plus these days...

  3. Motel rooms around here are all booked up and very expensive. Campgrounds are full, restaurants are packed and the traffic is awful. I stay home and hide. You went to the right place for your vacation. ---ken

    1. My Yooper brother says the smoke from fires in your neck-of-the-woods is pretty intense right now. He sent a photo that shows the sky as being hazy as heck.

    2. It is really nasty. The morning and evening sun are just red balls you can look right at. I'm taking asthma medicine that expired 9 years ago. Still works fine. --ken

  4. The "Law Card" on the back of the door is the legal maximum the property can charge for the room....so that price is always absurdly high compared to what is really charged just to be sure the actual price is never over that.

  5. You did say that you were in a progressive area... the open areas I've stayed in recently are booming. The Dakotas, Iowa, Florida, Texas, etc are pretty much back to normal.


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