Monday, August 2, 2021

Still kicking

Made it!

The only two things that were notable were that I saw some small trees that looked like Castenea (Chestnut genus) that were pollinating in West Virginia on US 68 at about mile marker 12.5. Maybe Allegheny Chinquipin? Maybe Fringe Tree? I don't think the bloom time is right for either one of these.

The other notable thing was I heard Mrs ERJ mumbling the Hail Mary. I understood. The 6% down-slopes and the trucks could scare anybody. I looked over and she was clutching her rosary and praying with her eyes-closed for all she was worth.

Normally, I would not report on this. Mrs ERJ's prayer life is rich and vivid. It is not the least bit unusual for her to be praying. The only thing that makes this worth reporting is that I would not have minded so much if I had been the one driving at the time.

I am using my smartphone's hotspot capability as my browser puked on the hotel (no password) WIFI. It was unsecured and (according to my slaptop) anybody could monitor my traffic.

Well, darn. Just....darn.

Oh, and the hotel requires that we wear masks.

I am drinking a warm bottle of Shiner's Bock picked up at the emporium across the street. The other five are in the fridge cooling off.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. I'm surprised; I've been in hotels across the country over the past year and none required masks (despite signs to the contrary in every one).

  2. Perhaps Sourwood - Oxydendron arboreum. In bloom here now, though just about done. Too late for chestnuts or fringetree.

  3. Use Opera as your browser, turn on VPN, then ignore unsecure warning for most browsing.


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