Monday, August 23, 2021

Running list of winter tasks

-Prune Norway spruce of side limbs to 10' in height

-Harvest all Black Locust over 6" diameter. Cut to 8' bolts/posts. NOTE: Leave some big ones on hill along west travel corridor.

-Remove Black Locust suckers by fence line with Sprite

-Remove all 4 Lucie Kuhlman grapevines. Tentatively replace with Steuben

-Remove five Swenson Red from west end of south trellis. Tentatively replace with Reliance seedless grape.

-Remove remaining V. riparia on north trellis. Replace with ???

-Prune purple-leaved plums back to European plum buds.

-Prune CC limbs back to pollinator varieties budded on them.

-Remove vines climbing trees in the Black Walnut plantation.

-Remove another 4' of branches from the White Pine east of the Black Walnut plantation

-Cull Wild Black Cherry and Silver Maple

-Cull Ash that is crowding Black Walnuts or other mast producing trees

-Remove non-IEM branches from trees where grafts of Illinois Everbearing Mulberry took

-Clear barn foundation of Sumac. Fig nursery?

-Cull apricot trees from east yard.

---Added 9/5---

-Create 10' wide buffer area along east side of northern paddocks, approximately 350 feet long. That is, move hot-wire ten feet to the west.

-Plant "clumps" of 

  • hazelnut seeds (Jefferson, NY 398 and seedling), 
  • South Dakota plum seeds O.P., 
  • peach pits from Madison O.P. trees 
  • Marge elderberry cuttings, 
  • David Johnson's L-50sxTrebbiano O.P. grape seeds, 
  • Lehman's Delight O.P. persimmon seeds (might be too tall)
  • Husk tomatoes
  • Stupice tomato
  • Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Pawpaws
  • Northline and JB-30 Saskatoon
  • Polana raspberry

The goal is to create a "hedgerow" that will stay short enough to not bother the power wire.


  1. Emerald ash borer hasn't taken out your ash trees yet?

    1. Regrowth.

      We are near ground-zero for EAB. Regrowth is ratty, crooked, multistem and old enough to have seeds.

  2. Tuning up and maintaining the old 4WD truck. Biggest job before winter.