Friday, August 13, 2021


Dear Nancy, Kamala and others:

Afghanistan is what an insurrection and revolution looks like, not a bunch of fat, old people wearing red hats and waving American flags.

You are in the process of creating what you fear most.

The Taliban does not need helicopters. Any three story building will do for flying lessons.

They lurked for twenty years. They lurked in the countryside but they also lurked in (supposedly) safe cities. You cannot divine a person's thoughts and values from how they look, what they wear or where they work.

The government's allies and soldiers could not surrender quickly enough when the Taliban Toyota Hi-Lux trucks rolled into town. The key take-away is that your allies who "Bet on the horse most likely to win" have no loyalty. None.

Eternal paranoia is the price of tyranny. Et tu, Brute?


  1. A regime that doesn't have the support of the people will fail eventually; it's just a matter of time.

  2. Good comment, Jonathon. Also applies not just to our country but to Afghanistan and other places as well.

  3. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."
    - Pete Seger: 'Me and Bobby McGee' (Apologies to Janis Joplin)

    The day will come when the American Taliban (ie - Deplorables) will take care of business, giving free flying lessons and one-way helicopter rides to government overlords far and wide. But that day is not yet. We are still too comfortable.

    But that day may finally be on the horizon. Under the direction of and with the express authorization of our government, large and small corporations everywhere are actively terminating the employment of any working stiff who will not take the Vaxx. The CDC is openly talking about sending the unvaxxed to "camps". Government officials are openly talking about making the lives of the unvaxxed as difficult as possible. They are openly talking about making it mandatory to have the Vaxx passport to travel, enter a business or restaurant, go to the grocery store, continue to receive Social Security, or as is already happening, to be allowed to earn an income.

    Once people have had all their income cut off, and are not allowed to go anywhere or to buy food, and are under threat of being forcibly rounded up and sent to a camp, that sounds a lot like "nothing left to lose" to me.

    1. by Kris Kristoferson
      Seger was a commie.

  4. I wonder how many fortunes were created amongst our Deep State overlords in pursuing this long expensive war in a part of the world where we have virtually no important interests. And how many tears they shed for spilled blood of our sons and daughters in uniform.

    The real shame is that we'll likely never know. Transparency and rule of law, my butt.

  5. Exactly, Jonathan. Us finally pulling out (18 years too late) just ripped off the bandaid covering the corruption, graft and incompetence of their government and ours in (yet another) failed attempt at nationbuilding. It seems like the "But we haven't done it right in the past" excuse never gets old. No matter how much it should. (sigh)

  6. I'm guessing the Left is prodding the Right into committing an action that will enact Martial Law Rule. THEN the Left will make their Big Moves with the military doing their bidding.

    Ukraine citizens fighting their own government some years back also paints a picture of Real Insurrection. When Grandma is throwing Molotov cocktails in the streets, then you know real insurrection.

    We wonder if the Right has already taken this into account and are making their own plans.

    If you had told me what is going on today is reality 10 years ago, I'd have thought you crazy. Now - NotSoCrazy.

  7. Thanks for pointing that out Joe. Somehow I doubt that Nancy, Kamala and others will ever hear of this poast, or would give a care if they did.

    Pity the fools.

    Whenever I was young and more aggressive in my foreign policy outlook, and freshly trained to kill commynists, I loved reading reports from Afghanistan of the local yokels with their Enfield rifles, putting the hurt on the damn commie Russian bastards. Loved it.

    And when the tyrant commie bastards in this country start receiving their just deserts? Hmmph.

  8. Me & Bobby McGee was written by Kris Kristofferson, incidentally.

    What is astounding to me is the absolute sh*t storm the US has created by their pull-out actions. No Peace Deal, no negotiated settlement? Leaving the embassy unguarded before the US nationals are all out??? Leaving behind scores of Humvees, MRAPs, other military vehicles, fully operational? ScanEagle drones, left behind, fully operational? Absolutely unbelievable. The Taliban will be able to zoom from one murderous event to the next, in style. Thanks Pentagon! Just putting the 'Flee' in 'flea market'

  9. Right you are. I don't know what made me think Pete Seeger wrote it.

    As for the MRAPS and Humvees, as I understand it, we left them hundreds, not merely dozens. In 2015, a Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed just after takeoff at Bagram Air Base. It was carrying several MRAPS. The cause of the crash was that the MRAPS were not properly secured (they used straps instead of honking big logging chains) and the straps broke, the MRAPS shifted aft, causing an uncontrollable aft center of gravity, which caused the aircraft to pitch up, stall, and crash.

    As a result, the military brass decided that MRAPS and Humvees could no longer be flown out of Afghanistan. And since there was no way to drive them out without risking ambush by the Taliban, and no neighboring friendly countries to drive them to, it was decided to just LEAVE ALL OF THEM THERE.

    Can you imagine the stupidity? Just secure them PROPERLY in the aircraft. Duh!! It's not rocket surgery.


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