Sunday, February 5, 2017

Posleen and the Golden Horde

I am currently reading a series of Military-Science Fiction by John Ringo. I am about half way through the series.  As I read, I am struck by the similarities between the "Posleen" (the invaders) and James Wesley, Rawles' "Golden Horde".

Posleen are reptilian centaurs.  Images of them are scarce so I had to make-do with this painting by Sebastiano Ricci.
The Golden Horde is a description for the outflow of non-preppers from urban and suburban centers.
A short description of the Posleen is that:
  • They are not very bright.  They live in the "reptilian" emotion-mind
  • They move in gangs directed by the few that can think rationally
  • They reproduce very rapidly
  • The centers of their expansion are the east and west coasts of the United States
  • They must loot or they will die as they have no logistic support.  And...they seem to get a "high" off of looting and killing.
  • Most of their firearms are "junk".  The concept of aiming their weapons is completely foreign to them....they are spray and spray some more.
  • They are intolerant of cold
  • Oh, and they will push into the hinterlands by the tens of millions.
Another resemblance to the Golden Horde is that the Posleen are inexplicably incapable of traversing broken ground or traveling through brush where they cannot see for a hundred yards.  Consequently, they slavishly stick to roads or mass up in open areas like fields and parking lots.

What worked in the story
I don't want to be a "spoiler" in case you want to read the books.
Civilians cannot buy Claymore mines off-the-shelf, but drill pipe is widely available and made of incredibly good steel.  This is a photo of a Punt gun...Actually, of seven punt guns.  I think it would look good pointing down my driveway.  What do you think?
However, Mr Ringo informs us that Air-Fuel bombs, Claymore mines, Mortars, caltrops, VERY large amounts of ammo (and then quadruple that amount) and terrain are effective against Posleen.

Terrain merits special mention.  For assorted reasons, Posleen do not use planes in any strategic or tactical sense.  Modern air support makes terrain a secondary consideration.  In the absence of air support, terrain rules.  Something to consider because the Golden Horde will not have their own air force.

He uses several other "devises" in the book that are not readily accessible to, nor can be cobbled by civilians.  Things like artillery, belt fed mini-guns, nukes and the occasional Sci-Fi device.

Oh, he also "suggests" that aimed shots by the defenders, especially shots that hit that hit the few who can think, are highly effective.  Novel concept, aimed shots.

I don't know if Mr Ringo intended to write about The Golden Horde and morphed them into reptilian centaurs to avoid blow-back or if it is purely coincidental.  Regardless, Mr Ringo is a fantastic story teller and his defense of the hinterlands is well thought out.


  1. John does good 'tactics'... Army background and all... :-)

  2. I forgot about his books. Read them quite some time ago.

    Good stuff.