Monday, February 6, 2017

Michigan Aggravated Assault Rates

Monthly data supplied the by the Michigan State Police Data Analysis and Reporting Unit.  (H/T to the DARU, they were VERY helpful)

The bottom axis is the month of the year.  That is, 1=January, 2=February...  Historically, June, July and August have the highest rates of Aggravated Assault in Michigan.  The numbers charted are annualized to make them directly comparable to the numbers reported nationally.

Michael Brown died in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014.

The red line is the combined data for 2008-through-2014. The blue line is 2015 data.

It is notable that the blue line (2015) presumably when many cities were rioting is lower than the red line by 50/100,000 for all months except January and December.

I think Michigan's Law Enforcement Officials and local government officials deserve a huge "Atta-boy".  The data says that anti-social behaviors in Michigan went a bunch...when the media was telling us that behaviors in the United States were getting much worse.

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