Monday, February 6, 2017

Nutrient Migration

I spread some fertilizer on the eroded areas where I did the release cutting of the young oak trees.
I mixed up 25 pounds of 6-24-24 and about four ounces of borax.
Just a few pictures to show the difference in fertility between the rim of the bowl that is high and flat and the sides of the bowl that are sloped and eroded.
A clump of grass at the top.
Same hand.  Stuck into the grass in the same way.  This is about as good as it gets on the sides and is a very graphic demonstration of the differences in fertility.
In addition to erosion, there is also nutrient transport by animals, primarily large herbivores.
Cattle and other large herbivores like to "loaf" on ridges.  In the summer they are breezy and that keeps biting insects manageable.  In the wet months they are drier and more comfortable than muddy low areas.  At all times of the year they provide great visibility and that makes "prey" animals feel safer.

Animals poop when they get up from chewing their cud.

Nutrients also tend to migrate to SHADE, WATER, BUILDINGS, FEEDING STATIONS, GATES and SALT BLOCKS.  Herbivores tend to migrate nutrients away from slopes and low areas.

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