Saturday, February 11, 2017

God is Great. Boring is Good. People are Crazy.

This is a video of Herc "coaching" Zeus.  German Shepherds can be quite verbal.

I walk them everyday.  Lately I have just been walking them around the pasture because the roads are either very muddy or icy.  I own about ten acres and much of the pasture is rimmed with a sixty-five foot wide, wildlife travel corridor.  The following pictures were taken looking from the pasture into the corridor.

These are some pictures of my "office".  It is tough to be retired....not! It is not very exciting but I find it satisfying.

Persimmons, poplar stumps and raspberry bushes

The mini oak plantation I did the release cutting on.

Norway spruce on the left.  Apples in the middle and Zeus photobombing on the right.

Herc hunting moles.  Norway spruce.  The center grouping of deciduous trees are mostly Sawtooth Oak.  The deciduous trees in the opening between the spruce trees are primarily Swamp White Oak.

The blue grow tube is around a grafted persimmon.  It is a variety named H-120 and the description is "Large fruited tree breed by James Claypool of the Claypool persimmon breeding program. A very desirable fruit,
excellent color with a roundish canopy, a heavy producer, and very precocious. Taste far exceeds expectation." Source
 I am a bit leery of fruit praised with "Taste far exceeds expectations."  That is like saying, "She has a great complexion for a fat girl.
The photos were taken in late afternoon.  I am looking east in this shot.

The trees that are retaining their leaves are Chinese Chestnut.

Apples, apples and more apples. Great places to look for sheds.  They cannot walk under these trees without the antlers banging into branches.

A strange hybrid of P. grandidentifolia and P. alba.  Grows fast.  Looks graceful in its youth.  Bulks up quickly.

Herc.  I don't know if he is hunting moles or earthworms.

As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger.

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