Sunday, February 12, 2017


Guilty as charged.

My bill for internet access.

But if you are considered "poor"

Prices available if you are receiving SNAP benefits.

I pay about $125/month for 30 Gigabytes and it is a struggle for us to stay within that...mostly because we have a teenager living at home.  Overage fees are $10 a gig.  If I were to use 299 gigabytes in one month it would cost me $2815.

AT&T is advertising trying to sign-up people receiving Supplemental Nutritional benefits (aka, food stamps).  By paying $10 a month (8% of what I pay) they will get 250 Gigs of data (eight times as much data as I get).  If they go over their allowance they get hit with an additional $10 for every fifty gigs.  If the ATT/SNAP customer were to use 299 gigabytes in one month they would pay....$20.

How much is 250 Gigabytes?
250 Gigabytes is approximately 165 standard length (90 minute) movies.  250 Gigabytes a month is 39 movies a week or over five per day.

Clearly, the intent is to keep "poor" people on SNAP, in their homes, supine and passive.  This program certainly does not encourage them to seek more profitable employment.

Slavery by any other name...


  1. In short, you are subsidizing their internet access by paying the much higher prices so they can turn around and give more to the SNAPers for $10 then you get for $125. I'm sure they're required to have the subsidized programs for the SNAPers by the governing body that regulates them. Isn't social justice great?

    1. You are exactly right. Politicians get accolades for "giving" stuff away. Suckers continue to be tax-and-fee donkeys. Poor folks are amazed to find their situation deteriorating and wonder why they are not getting strong on a diet of all the potato chips and dip they can eat.

  2. Free cheese by any other name...sigh

  3. Free cheese by any other name...sigh

  4. Ah, but when I was a boy, the free cheese they gave would be delivered to my grandparents by the FDA people and would also include other surplus foodstuffs such as canned eggs, canned meats, crackers, powdered milk, juices, etc. That was a way to help ensure that the farmers products were actually getting used and that poor people were getting useful food items, and not buying 12 packs of soda so that they could take the cans back for the change to buy a quart of beer, as has happened. I had heard that the food stamps and then the cards were to help people not feel so downtroden and bad about their situation, and could eat the food the other people ate. I think that it was a mistake, but who am I.