Thursday, February 16, 2017

Knuckledragging Pundit added to Blogroll

First a very short side-story:

I have been enjoying books by an author named John Ringo.

One of his books is titled Cally's War.

When I first started the book, Mrs ERJ was on the other side of the room reading something on her Nook.

I heard her one eyebrow rise a fraction of a scintilla of an iota as she noticed the cover art.

I turned the book over so I could inspect the cover.  I looked at her.  I looked back at the cover.

"You know," I said, "her hair is a little bit longer than yours."  Yes, guys compare.  It is our nature.  Grown up women know that.

ERJ goes full wimp
Knuckledragging has a recurring theme called MILFY Monday.  He has pictures of beautiful women: beautiful, mature women.  These are women with cheekbones and non-airbrushed skin and character lines on their faces.  They are usually not dressed in a manner that John Robinson would approve. 

KDP has many pictures of women.  They are all beautiful regardless of the number of miles on the odometer or their BMI.  If that offends you because you think it "objectifies them" then you might want to skip KDP on Mondays.  Just saying...



  1. A pretty girl is like a song. These days, we can use all the uplifting tunes we can get.

  2. I go to Knuckledragging and he does indeed have beautiful women, but he also has interesting articles from history, anectdotes about his life, and just plain fun stories. If you are easily offended, you can count on getting offended at least on occasion. But it is usually in good fun.