Friday, February 24, 2017

Mystery solved: Why joints make noise as we age

We continue to take dinner over to mom and dad's on Fridays.  Today we took tilapia, sweet potatoes, grape-apple-yogurt salad and small cups of blueberry pie filling for dessert.

I clean dad's CPAP machine.

Mrs ERJ washes my mom's hair.

My mom's joints sound like a old, wooden ship in heavy weather as she gets out of her chair.  Those of you who are over fifty know what I mean.  And, according to my highly placed sources, it gets to be more and more of a chore to get out our chairs as we age.

She looked over at me and asked in her "school teacher voice",

"Do you know what that is the sound of?"

I shook my head "No".

"That is the sound of applause."

God bless you Mom, for being so positive.

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