Friday, February 17, 2017

Call to "Disrupt" February 17

Mike Williamson, Survivalblog’s Editor at Large, has informed us that his sources indicate anti-government protests today in these locations:
  • Chicago, IL; 
  • Joe Marino Park, Rockford, IL; 
  • Senator Pat Toomey’s Pittsburgh office, Pittsburgh, PA; 
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; 
  • Concord State House, Concord, NH; 
  • New London, CT;
  •  Bloomington, IN; 
  •  Indianapolis, IN; 
  • Boston, MA; 
  • Augusta, ME; 
  • Bangor, ME; 
  • Detroit, MI; 
  • Lansing, MI; 
  • Asheville, NC; 
  • Mooresville, NC; 
  • Charlotte, NC; 
  • New Brunswick, NJ; 
  • Buffalo, NY; 
  • Canton, NY; 
  • Columbus, OH; 
  • Dayton, OH; 
  • Toledo, OH; 
  • Philadelphia, PA; 
  • Norfolk, VA; 
  • Richmond, VA.
Great!  Friday is my day to take food to Mom and Dad.  They live exactly one mile from the State Capital.

I also wanted to visit my brother.  He is in Sparrow hospital which is exactly 5000 feet from the State Capital and is right on Michigan Avenue.

The upside is that the riotous mass of people at the demonstration will probably top out at fifty.

I found this smirk-worthy. From the website calling for this "strike"
"Disrupt"  Sounds like inciting a riot to me.  Or at least grounds for getting fired.  Or if not working, then being removed from the teat(s) they are sucking on.

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