Friday, October 5, 2018

Weather, dogs and nephews

38 degrees outside and rain is coming.

It might sound dumb, but the dogs miss Mrs ERJ. They keep sticking their cold noses into my lap and asking, "You aren't going to disappear are you?"  Boy! Does that make the exotic dancers jump! (Just kidding honey, but the dogs clearly miss you and it has been tough to use the laptop computer.)

Kubota was going to go up-north to see a friend this weekend but must have thought better of the 800 mile round trip. He has been hanging out with some local friends and I have not seen much of him.

I had a nice chat with one of my nephews. He is a bow hunter. He asked if he could send me a text before he went in the woods with his "plan". Then, if he does not send me a text when he gets out, he wants me to come looking for him. That seemed like a splendid I idea and I agreed.

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