Monday, September 13, 2021

Yeah, about that 100 Employee mandate

PPOTUS Biden issued an Executive Order requiring that all businesses over 100 employees must vaccinate their employees.

Most prudent people believe that Biden's edict is Executive Branch over-reach but Biden's handlers are betting that corporations will put pressure on employees regardless of how events play out in court. The realities of the time required to get people vaccinated and the time to chase issues through courts really does not give corporations time to dally, a fact that PPOTUS Biden is counting on.

We don't have to play this out completely in our heads. Some hospitals are already doing this and they have already had some percentage of their workforce quit. Other workers, who consulted with attorneys, are not going to make it easy for the hospitals. They are going to force the hospitals to fire them and to generate cubic meters of paperwork. Any discrepancies in that paperwork makes the hospital liable for financial settlements at a later date.


My crystal ball tells me that truck drivers are the group that will bring the economy to their knees. Truck drivers are one of the single biggest occupational groups in the US with 3.5 million people engaged in that occupation.

Statistics are difficult to find but one statistic is that 97% of the trucking firms have twenty-or-fewer "trucks". Those companies are almost assuredly below the 100 employee cut-off and will not be impacted.

However, on the basis of actual tonnage moved, it seems likely that the market is dominated by firms over 100 employees. The trucking industry has been consolidating as government regulations squeeze firms. The overhead associated with documenting "compliance" is cheaper, on a per-per-ton-shipped basis, when it is amortized over the hundreds or thousands of trucks of a large firm than the twosie-threesies of mom-and-pop firms.

My impression of truck drivers is that they will tell their employers to pound-sand if Human Resources attempts to pressure them to get vaccinated against their will. They know that there are a butt-load of smaller firms out there that are hiring.

Factories will be impacted in hours as JIT inventory levels are depleted and they run out of places to store finished goods. Trucks don't just deliver parts, they haul away finished goods.

Grocery and liquor/beer stores would be impacted in a matter of hours or days. So will gas stations.

Drug stores might be able to hold out for days or weeks.

Garbage collection will start to impact quality of life in weeks and months.

If you are going to play chicken then you need to be aware that there are people out there who subscribe to a different form of "rational" than you subscribe to.

Truck drivers are rational, but in a different way than Ivy-League graduates. A fact that is about to spank our would-be-rulers if they don't pull their heads out of their nethermost regions.


  1. I already had to be moved to a different location away from my office building because the social justice half witted dumbfucks that run our business said "YOU MUST BE VACCINATED TO BE IN THE BUILDING"
    An hour after Not-A-Real President drooled the spittle from his mouth, there was an email out about the mandate.

    1. It sounds like you made them do their job rather than doing it for them.

      Good for you.

      It is easy to make announcements. Not so easy to deal with all of the potential fall-out.

      Make them own it.

    2. I never did see any follow-up to his announcement about going door to door; what other pronouncements has he made that never occurred?

  2. quit my job when they mandated it last month. its already affecting pharmacies. they are out of my meds half the time i go to refill them. short pharmacists too. my wife is a retired nurse, not vaxxing.

    1. Might try a mail order pharmacy. Apparently USPS is exempt from the dictate.

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe more than shrugged.

      I recall the independent truckers strike in 1973 and 1974. There was gunfire at night along some of the interstates, and trucks that didn't honor the strike were hit.

  4. Make them fire you. That way you can get your job back after the vaccinated aren't able to work anymore.

  5. There are some not commonly mentioned clauses to his mandate.
    1. He didn't actually put out a mandate. He told OSHA to put out an Emergency Temporary Standard. They haven't done that since they lost badly over on in court in 1983.
    2. If it only applies to some companies, it'll almost certainly lose on those grounds alone.
    3. His proposed standard requires vaccination OR weekly negative tests.

    I agree that many big companies will get on the band wagon. I also agree they will have big problems if they do.
    Re trucking industry: The industry already averages a turnover rate of more than 100%, and they are a notoriously independent bunch. I suspect that any companies outside the coasts that tries to mandate vaccination will lose drivers FAST!

    1. #1 Of course it's "his" mandate. He's just getting the bureaucracy to do it for him.
      #2 14th Amendment alone should blow this out of the water (although we live in a post Constitutional world)
      #3 I ain't getting an experimental medical treatment and I ain't taking a medical test that is of no benefit to me.

    2. The difference is how it will be implemented - OSHA will follow their established rules and be limited to their enforcement techniques.
      For example, OSHA has no right to see records (in most situations), so make them subpoena you.
      Another example, many federal agencies have implemented "self attestation" for vaccine status and claim they can't ask for details due to privacy laws.
      Then there is what they define as a test - unless they specify specific types, employees could do an honor system reporting of symptoms, or something similar.
      Use the governments regs and bureaucracy against it... there are always ways!

  6. Distract. Divide. Distract. Divide. Distract. Divide.

    Repeat for a few years until mass psychosis has gripped the majority of normies and social cohesion is all but gone.

    Pull the plug on Bretton Woods II. currency game will take place all while we are being distracted and divided.

  7. WalMart, Amazon, and Target are really nothing more than very large trucking companies with some associated stores or warehouses. I'm sure there are others that I'm not thinking of.

    If those trucks stop, things will get really spicey in short order.

  8. I know it's poor form to refer to another blog, but Joe has provided a link above right: Bayou Renaissance Man

    ...who has a pretty good post on the subject of Supply Lines as well, if you want to look at the international picture.

    I've had a couple of items recently ordered from Amazon that have just disappeared - one of them is machinery that I've had to reorder, because although it was 'shipped' there was never any tracking information provided.

    1. On this blog, it is not a problem as long as the link is germane.

      Thanks for reading. I consider it an honor to be considered in (almost) the same class as Bayou Renaissance Man.

    2. As Eaton said, blog whoring is generally accepted as long as you are not a douche.

  9. I have a college BS in Information Technology Management and a CDL. Add to that a communication military career.

    The Y2K bust killed my IT career. I fell back on my military training and found I could make more money doing that than as a IT Project Manager. Guess which one is paying the bills right now? I am driving a truck.

  10. Hospitals gonna break the back of Bidens game.

    MANY doctors and nurses will NOT comply.

    1. If you don't actually work in a hospital it might be years between visits.

      On the other hand, there are many people who visit some kind of store/restaurant three or more times a day.

      That makes food the short rope.

    2. Yes, and no.

      The police and fire departments visit hospitals dozens to hundreds of times a day, depending upon what area we're talking about.

      No nurses? No ER.
      No ER? Wait times into multiple hours.
      Long waits? Fewer cops and firemen available for calls.

      Can't unload or get processed means "not available for heart attacks, multi-car pile-ups, etc, ad infinitum."

      Then the screaming starts, both in City hall, and then at City Hall.

      Then hospitals go down to saturation,.
      Which pushes ambulances and patients onto the remaining hospitals.
      Which then go down to saturation.

      Those dominoes can flip multiple highly-populated counties out of medical aid for between hours, and weeks.


      Then add on trucker shortages, which become supply shortages, food shortages, gas shortages, and you're pretty well buggered in short order.

      This is what happens when just-in-time becomes way-too-late, over an entire economy.

      It gets spicy after that. based on all historical accounts.

    3. would love to see just everyone ---just not go to work----!!!!!!would not take long for our ignorant policy makers to NOTICE-----that all businesses are ESSENTIAL-----this BS has to stop-----if just the TRUCKERS---hospital employees---nurses included ---let the Drs. work without them-----our cops and firemen---and ambulance folks---oh yes---our GROCERY folks---our gas and electric folks----oh yes----and our heroes that haul off our trash ---and all the other working folks that go to work---to take care of all our needs----OUR GOV.OFFICIALS----the majority of them ----need to be FIRED-----I could go on-----

  11. I drive for a large company with a lot of drivers.
    No memo's, talks or anything.
    I think they just want it to go away cause they know half
    the people would be gone.
    The vaccine story is evolving fast and they might reverse themselves (again) before i get fired.


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