Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Downside of Subversion

It has been pointed out in many places, including this blog, some of the glaring fragilities of the infrastructure that undergirds modern society.

It may be tempting to consider the option of "not going down alone".

I for one, ask you to not act on that option. God willing, we may never get to that point.

Cities were invented by country folk as a place to warehouse people we don't care for. Where do you think those people will go if the cities become uninhabitable?

Agents provocateur may goad gullible yokels (like the folks who planned to kidnap Big Retch in Michigan) into making an attempt on infrastructure or government. Don't be that yokel.

Sadly, the coalition of Leftist is destroying the infrastructure without any help:

  • Green Energy 
  • "we need diversity, not competence" 
  • "Delta smelt over food"
  • Burning the core areas of our cities 
  • Getting in bed with the enemy

They would love to have a scapegoat for their failures. Don't give it to them.

(You will know when to disregard this post)


  1. At the same time, avoid the cities and if you have to go in, be wise about when and how you go in...

  2. The trick will be to not let them drag us down with them.

  3. So the message is don't be a right wing terrorist?

    Good advice. LOL


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