Thursday, September 2, 2021


A "Fatwa" is a legal ruling under Sharia law issued by an Imam or Islamic scholar.

The first Fatwa issued by the Taliban "clarified" that their brand of Sharia law forbids the coeducation of women and men.

There are alienated, disaffected, Islamic men in every Western country who read Fatwas issued by various Islamic authorities with great fervor. They see enforcing these Fatwa as a path to paradise. These are the kind of men Eric Hoffer called "True Believers".

Some of these men are attending Universities in the United States. Some no longer attend, perhaps they dropped out, but are still in the fringes of the University community.

A very cursory search of "famous women professors" reveals that eight of them are in the Boston metropolitan area. Five of them are in the San Francisco metropolitan area. Three in Los Angeles. Two in North Carolina and two in Maryland.

Of course every University has women professors but the "famous" ones are the prime targets.

I doubt that I have many readers closely affiliated with Universities, but if you know any high-profile women in education (especially at the college/University level) this would be a very, very good time to discuss situational awareness, varying routes to work, varying where they park and the door they use to enter the building....and the joys of pepper-spray.


  1. Can't help but note the irony of these more than likely Liberal(very) women now being potential targets. They can thank their Liberal friends whilst shaking in their boots.

    1. I sent my oldest niece an email very much like this post.

      I doubt that she will bother to open and read it.

      After all, in her eyes I am an old, washed-up, mouth-breathing white-supremacist.

      None are so blind as those who fight to not see.

    2. Darwin ... as well as the Gods of the Copybook Headings

  2. Good point. And yes, most will ignore it.

  3. In 2013 I unwittingly hosted a university student sent here to carry out this very mission. I will not provide details for to do so may render certain persons as identifiable. I can say this was in southern California. The perpetrator must always remain the subject.

    He was a 26 yr old muslim from Egypt. His demeanor was rude and uncouth. He was most often vague about his studies*. He was what I would term sullen and non-participatory with the other foreign exchange students (mostly from Asian countries). He said he had friends but never brought them to gatherings. His treatment of every female was she was inferior. Once he leapt up from his seat to raise a hand against his host mother. (I believe if I had not intervened he would have followed through. Most frustrating for me was she did not understand what was about to transpire. Therefore I became subject to her admonishment.) Several other times he made brash, rude comments (rude even by my loose definition) directed at females whether older or younger than himself.

    [Side note: To tell the truth, several times I was ready to punch his lights out. I checked myself always because of others I had to consider. It took three weeks of deep cleaning and airing out for his room to be presentable.]

    Near before the time I was to truncate his stay due to his, ahem, strident dismissal of our American customs and that of the other students, he was taken away by what I was told as university administration. So I was somewhat surprised when U.S. Customs came to the door asking about him. They didn't say but I gathered that they knew he was gone, they were simply acquiring intel.

    *His alleged studies varied apparently on his whim. Upon my direct questioning he revealed that he was enrolled in this or that course. I made note that most of those courses were lectures with female lecturers. I also made note that his hours did not coincide with the university schedule. He engaged in much duplicity. And how! I suspected he had enrolled (to gain the student visa) then dropped out in order to fulfill his mission. This actually became such a problem that all muslim students were dropped from the hosting organization.

    So help me God.

  4. Okay, I will say this was associated with CSUF. That is all.

  5. I've worked with muslims in several different jobs, from the early 80s until now.
    Gotta say, out of all the furriners I've met, they are the least-tolerant of any of them when it comes to tolerating other religions.
    In the 80s I worked with a number of Pakistanis who worked in the same machine shop I did; they were working fulltime and going to engineering school at the local university where I also attended later (this was a high school and college part time job for me).
    One of them had married a local woman (Appalachia) and for a long time would not let her put up a Christmas tree when December came around.
    I've worked with others from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan/West Bank. I don't think I was seeing a representative sample of those people, rather, I was meeting the cream of the crop who kind of boiled off and left those places to do something here.
    However, even considering that, I've found all of them (100%) to be extremely intolerant of the idea that islam isn't the top dog. Christians and Jews I know are willing to live and let live with the idea that we're all kind of equal, not so the muslims! (My little getting back at them by not capitalizing their religion)


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