Monday, September 13, 2021

Pro-tip when arguing with Liberal Idiots


And while you are at it, buy a raggedy baseball mitt that fits your hand and some scuffed-up balls and stash them next to the bat you carry behind the seat of your ride.

Your defense attorney will thank you for it.


  1. I was told by an attorney to always have the complete set:
    Glove and ball to go with the bat.
    Golf Balls to go with the putter...
    Targets to go with that firearm....

    He said it would make his job much easier, if and when.

    Staple that protest sign to an axe handle. Just sayin'... "Nothing like a good piece of hickory" and all that.

    1. I bet he is an awesome attorney.

      It is amazing how the Left can take the most mundane item (a strap on a garage door, a zip-tie) and morph it into heinous threats.

      One would almost believe that many Social Justice Warriors have a secret BDSM fetish.

    2. Thanks for the hint. I have wondered all day about keeping wire nuts handy. I just don't think the way a lot of folks think.

  2. Why wire nuts ? OK, I am under th e weather and not up to speed.

  3. Oh. A reason to have the wire ties. I get ti.

    1. You got it!

      I think it is more satisfying when the answer is not totally obvious.

  4. Wire nuts - the advanced form of cotton balls.


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