Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fauci and Crimes Against Humanity

Work with me for a bit.

If there is credible evidence that Fauci not only funded Gain-of-Function research for pathogenic virus AND HID the fact that he did so by actively exploiting loop-holes that allowed him to dodge normal, prudent checks-and-balances.

And if that research contributed to the creation of Covid, whether by design or accident...a disease that is credited with killing 4.5 million people.

Then shouldn't Fauci be tried in a world court for Crimes Against Humanity?

The trials should be held in a neutral country like Brazil or India and the sentences should also be served there.

Fauci and those who enabled him within the CDC and major Universities should all be tried.


  1. Especially since he has killed thousands of people 20 years ago with AZT. Combine that with his comments on the necessity of population reduction and this asshole is a modern day Josef Mengele.

  2. Fauci needs to die...... violently an publicly. And he should be just one of MANY who do so. The crimes against humanity currently being perpetrated are truly historical....and may yet surpass those of Stalin, Mao etc.

  3. I think the virus was released by design. The economy was pumping, America was free of middle east oil, and Trump was getting another 4 years. The virus was the only way to stop him and the Dems will do anything to win.


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