Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


After First Communion 1892
Carl Frithjof Smith born 1859 in Norway and died in 1917.

Exquisite detail. Look at the execution of the lace in various shades of white.

Early Morning with Shellfish
The Ferry Home


  1. So, I don't want to hijack f.a.t.on the other hand if I wait too long what was timely for the majority of the country will be to too late for some. Also I'm not trying to convert this to a recipe blog. For the second year basil was the most prolific thing in my garden.Last year frost beat me to the punch on the final harvest. With that in mind I have already dried most of what I expect to use this coming year. I saw on the "tubez" a chef claiming that pesto could be made with ingredients other than ones traditional used.Being the frugal(I mean cheapskate that I can be)type. I subbed out the expensive olive oil and pine nuts for canola oil and peanut butter, good Parm was replaced with the ground store bought stuff. I added a bit of dried thyme(well powdered)to give the flavor missing from not having the piney flavor of pine nuts. The basil and garlic cloves and salt weren't changed. I didn't have any brochetta so I spread it on ritz roasted veggie crackers. It wasn't bad and it beats leftover basil going unused. For my next illusion, I'm a third of the way through a 30 hour cooking of a piece of chuck with an inexpensive sous vide circulator. Sometime Friday night(if we survive the experiment) if anyone is interested I'll let you know how it went.


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