Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Batting a thousand

Both kids are peeved with me today.

Belladonna was behind me and fiddling around doing something in the kitchen as I sat in the Official Blogging Chair. She was nattering away about something.

I didn't assume she was on the phone or anything. I didn't invest enough energy to assume anything. If it was important then she would address me directly and sit in my line-of-sight and we would have a conversations that didn't involve multitasking.

In retrospect that was not an assumption Belladonna shared. She felt like I had blown her off. From my perspective I was unwilling to invest 40% of my cognitive processing ability processing a message she did not value enough to invest more than 10% of her energy into transmitting.

Kubota is pissed at me because he horned in on a conversation I was having on the phone. He was making throw-away, rude comments that the other end could hear.

Kubota's hearing can be exceptionally acute. He heard the other person's response.

I then paraphrased what Kubota said using polite, civilized language to the other end.

The other end found it entertaining and laughed.

Kubota was pissed for not being taken seriously.

I guess that is a risk of using adolescent language.


  1. My wife does that to me all the time. She'll be reading something on line and make a comment about it or something else entirely. Meanwhile, I'm reading something else or listening to music or watching a video. I'm supposed to drop what I'm doing and give her 100% attention, but when I try to get her attention, she may listen half heartedly, or just ignore me altogether.

    Oh well.

    1. I cannot claim to be an expert on girls, but some of them "bond" by talking.

      Sometimes it is OK if I just am just in the room. Other times I will get a question out of the blue.

  2. Best way I found to deal with that is not put in my hearing aids.---ken


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