Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


I had a conversation with somebody who has a tiny bit more discretionary income than most and he has an office that is seen by the public. Consequently, he invests a wee-bit in artwork.

I asked him to name some artists he liked.

At first he struggled with the question. Finally, the crux of the issue came spilling out.

He liked one kind of art. His wife liked art that was much, much different.

He grew animated talking about "Horse Shoe Contest" by Norman Rockwell. The energy. The tension. The emotions in the faces.

His wife likes paintings by Pati Bannister

I must confess that my tastes lie closer to the gentleman's than to the lady's.

The faces of the waifs have a certain sameness, as if they had all been injected with Botox.

***Upon re-reading this post, perhaps I have been too harsh. Maybe the china-doll faces help the woman find serenity. Tastes and reactions differ***

Take heart if your tastes are different than your wife's. This couple has been married for almost fifty years.


  1. Technically they are well done, thematically kind of a one trick pony. Especially because you can have multiple landscapes or modern art splashes in a room and it will work, but having more than one waif staring at you from your wall is decor for a haunted house.

  2. In this day and age, that waif theme has a more sinister implication ... remembering the waif paintings that Clinton crony collected ...

  3. To any blacksmiths out there in blogville.
    Seems I remember the Smiths anvil was supposed to be the height of his elbow.
    Those certainly are not. Did I hear wrong?

  4. "The rest of the story" for the Rockwell piece. Watch in order.
    1) https://youtu.be/zbXjMn_8-Mo
    2) https://youtu.be/KSaRAgNcXhc

    1. Thanks for the info.

      I forwarded it to the gentleman who called the painting to my attention.


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