Monday, September 27, 2021

Don't bring me down...

Skellig Michael

Reader Rural Counsel wrote "The trick will be to not let them (the Left) drag us down with them".

Looking at the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages, the knowledge and glory of the classics were kept alive in a few places.

One place was the Eastern Church now often called the Orthodox Church.

Another place were the centers of learning in the middle-East.

A third place where a remnant clung was with the warrior-monks in ancient Ireland and their "Green Martyrdom".

  • "Red" Martyrs died for God
  • "White" Martyrs abandoned everything they loved for God's sake and became hermits or monks in austere orders
  • "Green" Martyrs used prayer, self-discipline, manual labor and industry to purge themselves of evil desires and to advance the Kingdom of God.

Two paths are opening before us. One may appear to be the easy way. The other way promises nothing but hard work and many disappointments.

May I suggest that a library of good literature, printed on high quality, durable paper is an absolute must if you choose the path of the Green Martyr (or Green Knight or Green Hornet. The word "martyr" does not appeal to everybody).

High quality tools that you can maintain with the tiniest amount of outside inputs.

Places to store those tools where they are protected from rust, rot, theft and taxes.

A low profile, digital and otherwise, is desirable. (I am so totally screwed!!!)

Not bikini charts. John Wilder has those Trademarked

Don't let the bastards drag you down.


  1. This is why I stopped buying paperback books. Digital works well enough for entertainment, hardbound books for reference, knowledge and literature. If it's worth saving, save it well.

  2. Thomas Cahill wrote a most excellent book about this entitled "How the Irish Saved Civilization" that I recommend most highly.---ken

  3. I'm not planning on it. I'll go out on my feet, NOT on my knees.


      Let's compromise. How about going out on ONE knee?


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