Friday, September 3, 2021

Vaccine has limitations


For all practical purposes, Israel was the first country to be "fully vaccinated"

Interesting read over at Blue State Conservative regarding the "Study" that caused the CDC to reinstitute its universal masking guidance.

The study followed the Covid break-through in Barnstable County, Massachusetts where very large numbers of "fully vaccinated" people became infected.

The detail that did not receive any attention from the press is: 

...the “summer event” in Barnstable County at the center of the COVID-19 spread was “Bear Week.” As Mr. Bomberger describes it, “Bear Week” is celebrated by Provincetown Tourism as “the largest gathering of bears [hairy and often overweight gay men] in the world” where “tens of thousands come to Provincetown during this annual [July] event.” The website proudly proclaims: “You know what you’re getting into when you attend.” By “getting into,” they mean a weeklong orgy among thousands of strangers. ...
...from an “epidemiological standpoint,” what happened in Provincetown is not at all representative of the general U.S. population...



  1. Meh, the CDC/DNC was looking for ANY excuse to issue a face diaper alert.
    We are way past the "experts" even pretending to use facts, data or science.

  2. "Bear Week" ? Another instance of ungodly behavior like "Drag Queens" that will be eliminated in the Great Die-off or the Enhanced Die-off God will not be mocked. Refer to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah for details.

  3. (a) "Bear Week" was *NOT* on my list of things I need to learn about. Nowhere near.

    (b) wouldn't that context, as Circle Back Psaki might say, be important to understanding the numbers presented?

    "I'll take "CDC Intellectual Dishonesty" for 800, Alex!"

  4. Part of the problem is that despite the claims, these are NOT vaccines; they are gene therapy that is NOT intended to stop the disease, merely try to reduce it's effects...


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