Saturday, September 18, 2021

"Democrats declare war on Senior Citizens"

The Epoch Times reported that The Biden Administration reneged on their promise to support Florida with a supply of the antibody cocktail that has been effective in reducing the ravages of Covid-19.

When asked for a reasons, the Administration answered with a non-answer:  "Equity"

One of the dangers of acting in arbitrary and capricious ways is that it opens up the actor to a host of interpretations. Lacking a consistent frame-of-reference, those interpretations can be all over the place.

However, that does not make them wrong.

Is the Biden Administration dooming hundreds of senior citizens to death because they are petty, vindictive?

Or maybe the cheat is in and the Democrats no longer need senior citizens' votes the way they no longer need domestic births. Euthanasia is a kissing-cousin of abortion.

Florida is synonymous with blue-haired ladies driving 20 under the speed limit. Choking the supply of the antibody cocktail to Florida is guaranteed to disproportionately impact older people. Maybe that is by design.

Maybe the Democrats just declared war on senior citizens.


  1. No problem, really. Just give them Ivermectin, and most of them will recover very quickly. Whoops.....forgot. Can't give them a truly effective and safe drug that is pennies per dose that cures people of Covid, or else there would be no justification for the vaccine. Can't have that.

    1. You beat me to it! That is what I was going to say. Of course you could get that Ivermectin from the farm supply store, or Amazon. That's exactly what I would do if one of my loved ones was in that situation in Florida.

  2. The Wuhan Flu already took care of how many senior citizens.

  3. Certainly matches with the Dem governors ordering Covid-positive patients into nursing homes to reduce costs of the Medicaid population. Punishing red states' populaces with governors that defy Biden is par for the course with the bonus that the media can continue to claim that Covid is worse in those states.

  4. It would appear maybe there are other sources than the effed d a for monoclodial antibodies?

    Global economy and all that.

  5. Wasn't Biden responsible for taxing Social Security payouts?


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