Friday, September 17, 2021

If it saves one child...

Funny, Biden is only threatening productive, working people.

Don't the lives of people on Welfare matter? You would think it would be a very high priority since the cost of caring for sick people on Medicaid comes out of the public pocket. Furthermore, poor people often live in places with limited access to healthcare and have comorbidities. It would be for their own good and if it saves one child....

Shouldn't their $4000/month in benefits be withheld until they are "fully vaccinated?"


  1. Yep. Withhold any government benefits until vaccinated.
    (not that I am a proponent of the Jab, mind you)
    Hell, stop Free Obamaphone service until jabbed and you's soon have a bunch of compliance.
    But they are a Protected Class, white males and Working Class folks are not.

    If they'd not have exempted the Postal Service, I might think this was real, rather than political...

  2. Biden's stupid comment about "losing patience" might actually resonate among voter taxpayers if he'd been mandating the vax for welfare recipients or illegal aliens. After all, if we're being made to collectively support them, they really are the equivalent of children and we should get to collectively determine their health care. Not that I think the COVID vax is particularly good health care policy at this point. WE'll know more in about 5 years, assuming they allow data transparency. I'll give you 70:30 odds that they don't, or that they manipulate the data that they do release.

    But the same principle should apply to a lot of areas for welfare recipients. Like the right to vote.

    And I can speculate why the USPS got exempted. It's a huge number of government employees, and if TPTB piss them off, who will deliver all those mail-in ballots and process all the fraudulent ones for them? I bet there are a lot of interesting stories that USPS employees could tell about the last election that the people who got elected don't want to have get out.

    1. The USPS is a legal monopoly. There is a lot of power in a monopoly.

  3. Nonetheless, they are an employer of over 100 persons.
    (not that the number makes any sense, but whatever)

  4. If they suspend my Social Security which I have paid into for 55 years just because I refuse the jab, it's on. I will NOT take kindly to them forcing the not a vaccine on myself and my wife.

  5. How can I sign up for these $4000/mo in benefits? I need to refill the ammo locker.


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