Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Never trust a man who has not been punched in the face

You don't have to beat a bully to win. You just have to lay a little lumber on him

I remember this quote being attributed to Theodore Roosevelt but it could have been from any number of hard men.

More to the point, you do not have enough information to know if you can trust a man if he has never plowed onward in spite of pain and adversity.


Can we agree that many elements on the Left are "bullies"?

Bullies are predators as long as they can get their jollies for free. Antifa and other Leftist shock-troops are given a free-pass by judges, mayors, governors and DAs in the cities where they are strong.

Bullies look for other games when they start getting punched in the face, their kneecaps crushed or their homes "Havana Syndromed".

Yellow Jackets

I made a minor tactical mistake in eradicating the nest in the vineyard.

I flooded it for six hours in the day. I did not remember that many of the workers would be out foraging. Had I flooded it at night I would have wiped out queen, larvae and workers.

All is well that ends well. By drowning the larvae I shut-off the recruitment of new workers. The internet suggests that average lifespan of a yellow jacket worker is about 21 days.

By drowning the queen I shut off the supply of pheromones and new larvae. The pheromones are chemical communicators. Pheromones are the insect worlds command-and-control structure.

The orphaned yellow jacket workers were not very aggressive and quickly dissipated, mostly because the queen was neutralized.


  1. I guess that's why wasp and hornet sprays always say to spray the nest either early morning or up in the evening.

  2. Don't say squat on my Brake cleaner can.

  3. Did you squirt some soap in, before watering?

    1. I was thinking of the bees - soap will suffocate them and keep them from flying too, much as the oil in insecticide will.

      Squirting soap at Antifa? That's probably the one thing to make them run in terror.....

  4. That's why I dump some dirt on it and run over it with my tractor. ---ken

  5. That's a win! And yes, a punch in the nose DOES get one's attention!

  6. I think that's why so many people are A..holes on line, they don't have to worry about a punch in the face for their comments. More than once I've looked at someone's rudeness on line and thought that person has never had their ass kicked.

  7. Predators look for prey, not a fight. Fight well enough, and they'll go searching for easier pickings.

  8. I've never had a problem with yellow jackets, but I respect that some are allergic to their bite.


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