Friday, September 10, 2021

Different people, different skills and passions

One of the gentlemen who attends the same church I attend did me a favor.

Half of the grape crop is ripe. Some varieties are past-ripe and nearly stripped by the birds.

The gentleman consented to show up on short notice and pick grapes in the cool of the morning before the yellow-jackets became a problem.

Then he took the grapes, five five-gallon buckets worth, and is going to make wine with them.

Making wine is his passion.

Seeing food go to waste bothers me.

I also got good feedback regarding how various varieties produce on my site.

I expect to get a few bottles out of the deal. Not too bad of a pay-off for a phone call.


  1. Very nice, and will be curious as to the 'quality' you get!

  2. I like how this starts with, '...attends the same church...' The church is the meeting place, the community center. Or, it should be as it was.

  3. That is what happens to most of my grapes. I get wine and grape jelly. And usually a few bonus jars of other fruits. There are some women coming out tomorrow to get started.--ken


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