Thursday, September 16, 2021

Winter Squash


It is advisable to "cure" or dry the stems before putting winter squash into storage.
Mrs ERJ is keeping me honest.

We might eat one or two of these a month, September-through-March so that means a maximum of 12 winter squash will go into storage.

The smart money would save a mix. Eat the C. pepo first because they don't store as long and eat the C. moschata last because they have great storage life.

From a nutritional standpoint, Vitamin A is fat soluble so you can load up on it by gorging on yellow/orange/green vegetables and then coast for months.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Golden Hubbard, C. maxima
Winter Luxury pumpkin and a hybrid named Jester. C. pepo
Butternut and a hybird named Gray Ghost. C. moschata

Winter Luxury production trounced the other varieties this year but the seeds were planted in richer soil.

Bonus picture
I drove Mrs ERJ into town to mail some letters and I parked behind this guy while she made a dash to the mail box. It is striking how vehicles have grown in size over the years.

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  1. My pickup is roughly the size of Rhode Island, and it's a Ford F-150.


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