Friday, September 3, 2021

40% is the hard-floor for Progressive, single-issue voters

Looking at Joe Biden's approval ratings, one must come to the conclusion that 40% (of the samples selected by progressive media outlets) are single issue, hard-Progressive votors:

  • Pro-choice
  • Don't touch my rice bowl
  • Racism is the universal excuse (BLM)
  • Mexico is the 51st state

Take your pick.

Biden could be caught in bed on live TV with a live boy, a dead girl, a squealing pig and $100 million of cocaine tainted cash and they would still approve of him as long as his administration toes-the-line on the one issue they care about.


  1. I agree there is a floor, but I suspect it's closer to 20% than 40.

  2. I have a lower opinion of people than you do.

    My reasoning is that the 40% justify themselves by rationalizing "everybody does (what Joe) does but they don't get caught"

    1. Merely voting for a living doesn't make people totally, deliberately evil. There are a lot, perhaps 20%, who are currently being paid to go along but have some lines they won't cross.

      In past decades, around 20% identified as liberals. That's the group that aren't disgusted by the ongoing evil. That liberal 20% is purely satanic, won't be happy until those lines are crossed.

  3. And there is the "I was raised a democrat, always voted democrat and always will", without giving a thought to the results. ---ken

  4. It would be a great class project for a poli-sci course in college to do a census of all the people who get their livings from government and therefore have a vested interest in enlarging it. Not just .gov employees and welfare grifters, but contractors, consultants, recipients of recurring "research" grants, immigration lawyers, and beneficiaries of handouts ranging from NEH and Public Broadcasting to crop destruction subsidies and ethanol farmers.

    Let's see just how far the cancer has metastasized.

    1. It would be worth looking at that geographically as well... In the rural areas I've been in, most government employees are pretty good people. It's in the cities, and especially HQs where the problems are.

      For example, look at the fight two years ago to move the HQ of Interior to Colorado.

  5. Jhaio Bribem "voters" will be thinking, "At least, no more mean tweets!"


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