Saturday, September 18, 2021

Something in her DNA

"Where is the bathmat?" Mrs ERJ asked from the bathroom.

"I dunno. Which one is the bathmat?"

Once more we are in a hotel room. Mrs ERJ did not tell me the price but I suspect it is on the high end because there are 16 towels in the bathroom and the shower pressure could drill holes through rubies.

Mrs ERJ patiently explained the use of each towel, again.

"This is the bath towel. This one is the pool towel. This is a hand towel. Face towel....pedicure towel? Any questions?"

I stare at the pristine, snowbank of perfectly folded, plush towels beautifully arrayed on the shelf.

"No ma-am. No questions." It wouldn't do any good.

The bathmat is the one I had used to dry off after the shower. I had left it draped over the bar supporting the shower curtain.


  1. We have a similar arrangement in our house although not as extensive. The difference between our towel collection and your hotel's is that no one is allowed to use ours. I am allocated an old worn towel for my use.

  2. Our plumber says the first thing he does in a motel room is unscrew the shower head and remove the little plastic flow-limiter(aka 'water-saving') disc...and throw it away. Voila! Pressure!

  3. And at home don't even think of using one of the towels in the Decorative set .


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