Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The puzzle pieces start to fall together

Miley allegedly striking a deal with Communist China to circumvent lawful orders to protect the US against all enemies foreign and domestic.

$80 billion dollars of state-of-the-art US arms falling into the arms of....Communist China and Iran, allegedly because the Brass bungled at a level that would make a Tenderfoot Boy Scout hang his head in shame.

That same shambling train-wreck in Afghanistan poisoned the US's ability to work with her closest allies.


If so, how deep is the rot?


  1. Like cancer surgery, some healthy tissue will have to be taken out with the bad. I'd say O-7 and above need to be completely purged. And maybe half the sycophantic O-6's.

  2. The forfeiture of such equipment to fall into enemy hands allows them to discover ways to overcome our front-line defense capabilities, and that of our allies using the same equipment.
    next will be hysteria from the war machine telling us we have to design newer, better, yada,yada,yada so they can throw it at the enemies feet- just like they did this time.

  3. It is so deep it goes to the base of the citizenry. We vote for them, vote overwhelmingly to cancel a recall, and maybe worse of all we OBEY their orders and comply with the social/economic machine they have built around us. It is time to Go Galt and if we don't we have embraced the rot.---ken

  4. I would rather it had been the top 13 brass at the pentagon than the 13 young men and woman who were killed at Kobal!

  5. It wasn't a fuck up, it was the plan.

  6. It was panic. Takes a lot of boots on the ground here, on our soil to force 80 million of the unclean into the camps.


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