Friday, September 24, 2021

Population pyramids



Germany (and industrialized Europe)

Communist China

United States

The US is unusual for a developed country because its population pyramid has nearly-vertical sides.

At one time suburbs were called "bedroom communities". The commute just got longer. Now Central America is the United States' "bedroom community".


  1. I was lookinat the m/f distribution. Japan, Germany and USA all have more men than women until age 55-59. China shows the effect of 1 child by having more males than females until 60-64. Mexico shows less males early on as those are the migrants that come to America.
    Thanks for a look around the world. Does that mean there is no bulge in the python?

  2. Oddly enough I was looking at population and COVID data this past week (got sick & tired of 'stories' and wanted to pore over the data myself). And one of the things I was looking at was age distribution - one can get census information broken down by 'age in years', by state. It is a remarkably flat line when one totals it up for the nation - not perfect, but - from 0 to about 63 years, each year is on average about 4.2 million people, nearly evenly divided between the sexes It was surprising to me.


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