Friday, January 1, 2021

How Detroit celebrates the New Year 4:36 run-time.

You only need to watch the first sixty seconds to get a feel for the entire video. Rodents scurrying about. Magazine dumps as fast as fingers can pull the trigger. A few pedestrians, unconcerned, going about their business.

Full disclosure, the sounds may have been dubbed in. But if they were, they were well done, including one string where there was an secondary echo effect.

Must be no ammo shortage in Detroit, Michigan.


  1. I once spent New Years Eve in Detoilet in my hell raising teen years. Yes, it was exactly like that, maybe worse. I want to say the year was 88-89.


  2. Interesting. Looks almost third-world.

  3. What you heard is the black version of fireworks. I used to live in New Orleans and the "Quarters" (not French) were famous for that. Every year some unlucky soul was severely injured from falling bullets.

  4. Lucky dudes, it's so hard to find shooting ranges now days especially at night on holidays. And just listening to the sounds, they got themselves private ranges right at their own house. Cool. You can work on your reloading and just walk out the door and check it out. Nice. Sucks having all the rules where I live about noise and such.

  5. Well, that's one way to disarm them; let them use up all their ammo like that.

  6. TINS: TIWFDASL (This Is No Shit: There I Was Fighting Disease And Saving Lives)on EMS in Da City, way, way back in da day. As luck would have it< I was working New Year's Eve with my partner. For some reason, I was the driver that night, and we caught a run at about 20 minutes to midnight. As was out department's policy, I responded red lights-and-siren. As I approached a corner, we heard several gunshots, rapidly (reminiscent of your video). I paused a moment, and then shut down every.single.light.on.the.ambulance. My partner dove for the floorboards, and in response to my observation, "Lotsa fireworks!", he corrected me. "Not fireworks, Reltney. Firearms!"

    Another year, again working New Year's Eve, we took shelter in a hallway, as the festivities began. (for some reason, we did NOT call in service immediately once our previous run had concluded....)One citizen, celebrating his own self, offered us the opportunity to fire his bolt action rifle, in order to join in the joy.

    We thanked him, and passed on the opportunity.


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