Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Things I am grateful for

A random picture grabbed from the internet

I was driving Kubota to his job this morning when he confided "I think I have Covid."

There is very little that comes out of Kubota's mouth that can surprise me. Or get me excited.

"What are your symptoms?" I asked.

"I am sore all over. I have a headache" he said.

I turned the thought over in my head a few seconds. "It sounds like work-hardening" I ventured.

I was greeted by silence.

"You are building up the muscles you need in this job. Happens to everybody" I told him.

Swinging through McDonald's I ordered him three Sausage McMuffins. "You need more protein while you are work hardening" I told him.

Most people eat plenty of protein. Not Kubota. He is a fiend for carbs and gooey sauces.

Pulling up to the construction site Kubota was out-the-door before I had the vehicle into Park.

He trudged over to another vehicle waiting for the gates to open and got into the back seat.

This is his third day working there and he seems to be fitting in. I have evidence he is working his butt off.

I am grateful for both of those things.


On the flip-side, Bella cut her work hours while she sorts out this program she just started.

Almost everybody advised her to do so, at least until after the mid-terms. Bella did not want to. She was sure she could handle it.

Then she got a text from "Uncle Jimmi" and she saw the light. "Keep your eye on the prize"

She is working three hours-a-week while she gets settled in.

I am impressed by her maturity. The instructors handed out study guides for the first set of exams and Bella is already dividing-and-conquering. I am her math study-buddy. The instructors are fussy about the form the answers are given in so I will have her hand-write a cheat-sheet. Writing things down by hand is still one of the best ways to plant information into the parts of the brain you can access when you are under stress.


  1. Joe, you are as cool as a cucumber handling the corona info with that boy. That's why you get the big bucks.

  2. Well done indeed.

    Dude, I have a feeling that you are far too humble to agree with this, but IMHO you are as close to being a Saint as is humanly possible. I'm so very thankful for the few good Saints that were there to patiently guide me through my youth.

    'nuff said

  3. All of your care for these two young adults will pay off like a jackpot for you and for them. You da man !


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