Friday, January 15, 2021

Boosting the signal: Big Tech publicly announces responsibility for products that "incite violence"

An outstanding post that didn't get as much air-play that it deserved was over at Irons in the Fire: Something occurs to me on how Apple may have shot itself in the ass

The condensed version of the post is that Apple and other Big Tech publicly announced that they are responsible for content that "incites violence". Not only did they say that, they acted on it when they deplatformed Trump and many conservatives.

The logic is that the indemnities that were given to Big Tech are like the Right to Remain Silent. It is a default right but the owner of that indemnification or right can freely give it away.


According the the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting database, there were about 16,000 homicides in 2019, the most recent year that is available.

Of the murders where the aggressors is known, 56% of those homicides were committed by Black or African Americans. Extending that percentage to the 16,000 homicides, that means about 9000 homicides were committed by Blacks or African-Americans in 2019.

Rap music very specifically targets Blacks and African-Americans in its marketing. Rap music glorifies and incites violence.

Breonna Taylor's next-of-kin received a $12 million settlement from the city of Louisville.

The families of the 9000 victims from 2019 could potentially file a class-action suit against Apple and Big Tech for a combined payout of $110 Billion. Hey, it is only money. It is the lives that cannot be replaced.

And the families from 2020.

And the bereaved families in 2021.

Because Big Tech stepped up and demonstrated that they ARE responsible for inciting violence and for the resulting bad outcomes.


  1. Yes, and additionally by kicking Conservatives off their platform for "inciting violence" they have set a precedent - can they be sued for unequal treatment, or for conduct "inciting violence" that they DIDN'T stop and kick off?

  2. You will never find a fudge that will hear the case. They have clearly demonstrated their level of corruption.--ken

    1. Ooops, did it again. That's judge, not fudge.--ken

    2. Actually, I liked "fudge" better.

  3. Something tells me that their PR and their Legal departments didn't confer first.
    I hope they come to regret that. Preferably by going under in a deluge of lawsuits.

  4. And if there's anyone who still believes that the courts are worth fuck-all for actually enforcing the law equally, I have a bridge to sell you. It's pretty clear who the courts will actually use the stick against and it isn't the rappers.

  5. Ken's right. No judge will touch this...


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