Monday, January 4, 2021

Odd but true



  1. A fecalized environment like Nigeria is safer than Detroit? Must be Divine intervention on the part of Godless Detroit? Or maybe the people of Nigeria are just happier and get along.

    1. One of the theories is that Africa's fecalized environment keeps the immune system on high-alert. It doesn't go into the wait-and-see mode.

      The prevailing opinion is that Africa's demographics are heavily weighted to the young while Detroit is an old city. Anybody who is young and has any prospects move out.

      Detroit is an old, fat, diabetic city and Whitmer moved Covid positive patients into nursing homes.

      In Africa, old people move out of the crowded city back to their rural village where it is far less crowded and there is far less back-and-forth traffic.

  2. Another factor is that in Africa they give out Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine like it is candy. As a result, pretty much any sub-Saharan African that might have caught Covid was over it before they knew they had anything.


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