Sunday, January 3, 2021

Some T-and-A to start the new year

Other bloggers informed me that occasionally posting T-and-A (as it is called in delicate company) can greatly increase blog traffic.

I was bored. I decided "Why not?"

African Blue Tit

European Crested Tit

A Great British Tit

An outstanding example of a pair of Tufted North American Titmice

Mammoth American Ass

Some Wild Somali Ass. Check out the stockings!

And a throuple of Wild Mongolian Ass.

There should have been something for everybody here. Tastes vary and diversity is our strength.


  1. And if you have several of your pictured asses, would that be an ass-set?

  2. I knew the grin was coming, I just didn't know the form.
    Although, I did expect to see certain NY politicians at the end.
    Well played sir. Well played.

  3. As an engineer I read Ts and As as Tests and Adjustments.
    As a Scots- Irish I know that Jesus rode on an ass with the part of his anatomy nearest to the donkey being his arse.
    The excuse to roll your Rs greatly enhances the word used as a sign of appreciation or of contempt.
    Just listen to Father Jack.

    1. Ohhh! That explains a few things. I wondered why I was being called an "R-S".

  4. Just wanted to complement you. Some bloggers are way more interested in the big ones I've always preferred the itty bitties and you delivered

    1. Thank-you. While God makes all of them beautiful, it is my personal opinion that the enjoyment/maintenance curve peaks near the itty-bitty end.

  5. American Council of Spotted Asses:


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