Saturday, January 16, 2021

Only limited by our imagination

I have a friend who lives about 12 miles from a college town. The area is heaven. Lots of state owned land. Abundant fish and game including timber wolves and black bears.

My friend shared that some of his casual acquaintances from the college town shared that when things got "tough" they were going to move into his area and proceed to "live off the land".

Knowing how difficult that is, he has started to fortify his property. One of his methods involves no-bake cookies.

Before making the cookies, however, he visits the local thrift store (Goodwill) and buys up their supply of ear-buds, Apple branded smartphone cases and old blue-jeans. He also swings by the one store that caters to African-Americans and buys rainbow hair extensions.

He cuts up the ear-buds and hair extensions and adds them to the no-bake cookie recipe. The recipe is modified to reduce the amount of sugar, cocoa and oatmeal and substitutes cornmeal and a bit of paraffin wax to increase the weather resistance.

He and his wife roll out the no-bake cookies into "snakes" that are as thick as shovel handles....say between 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" in diameter.

After they cool-and-harden, he deposits piles of them where casual by-passers cannot miss them.

Just sayin...


  1. okay, i'm lost. i know what no-bake cookies are in certain circles but how do ear buds etc play into making them?

  2. Black bears do account for the majority of bear attacks in the US and Canada (probably because of numbers and proximity to human population), are known to stalk humans, and actually eat them (rather than just maul them.)

  3. Very clever getting those pesky college students to eat those cookies...oh, wait ! Upon re-reading, HUH ?

  4. I'm lost as to his intent. The cookie "snakes" will get cleaned up my the night critters (possums and raccoons) by daylight.

    1. My friend lives in Northern Michigan. Raccoons are hibernating. Possum are very rare because they are not adapted to the cold and deeps snow.

      The "snake" cookies simulate wolf or bear poop.

  5. Good plan !! Maybe add some buttons and a zipper and the end of a bra strap. Might want to mix some dog crap with it also for a little aromatic authenticity. I can see some other applications for that type of FIB repellant. Thanks for the tip,---ken

  6. It's one thing to shoot milk through your nose but hot coffee hurts.. c'mon man a little warning lol

  7. From across the Pond, thank you for your insights, the concern for others shown by your advice.
    May God bless you and keep you, your family and friends, and America. We need you.

  8. The reason we invented agriculture was because it is infeasible for large groups of people to live off the land.



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